About Misgraceful

Launched in the Summer of 2014.  A first time Mum, with a new born, money was tight and my wardrobe was ill fitting, so I turned to accessories (and charity shops!) to update my outfits and remain 'on trend'.  In my Mid Thirties, I still wanted to look and feel good!  Bored of the monotony and poor quality of the UK High Street, I used my knowledge and skills from my past life to create a range of products for modern, stylish individuals, of all ages, at affordable prices. 


It all started on Facebook and the MisGraceful VIP Group is bigger than ever!  Pop over and join us, its where you can see the range first!  A lot never makes it to the website! All items are designed, photographed, picked and wrapped here in my kitchen in beautiful Shropshire

Mainly, jewellery is stainless steel or sterling silver with 18k gold plate which makes it incredibly hard wearing and hypoallergenic.  


Designed with layering and stacking in mind, I love to see my customers creating their own unique looks and adding to their MisG collection.

I am not here to just sell you products, If you have any questions, need help accessorising an outfit or need gift ideas, get in touch, I'd love to help you misgracefuljewels@gmail.com

MisGraceful…..timeless, affordable, wearable