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About Misgraceful

MisGraceful is a classic collection of water resistant, tarnish resistant and hypoallergenic jewellery which is stylish, on-trend and totally affordable.  I curate and design the collection from my home in Shropshire.
I've always had an interest in fashion and accessories and like to be a bit 'different'. I used to spend hours at Vintage sales and in Charity shops hunting for the perfect item to make my outfit stand out.
By my late 30's I found myself constantly disappointed with the monotony of the High Street and poor quality for the price so, in 2016, I decided to source a range of jewellery that was totally affordable whilst being extremely hard wearing AND hypoallergenic! I am allergic to nickel but never wanted to invest in expensive pieces as I like to change my look too often.
I learnt of the amazing properties of
(recyclable) Stainless Steel and how well it holds on to gold plating whilst being waterproof, tarnish resistant!
FINALLY Quality Fashionable jewellery that can withstand the demands of life with a price tag most can afford.

The MisG range is designed to layer and stack, mix and match to create your own unique style.  Well known for our large selection of Sterling Silver Huggie Earrings we LOVE a curated ear and enjoy helping customers create their desired look.
Made to be worn everyday, season after season, year after year. Which is why I use only the best materials. Stainless steel or Sterling Silver coated with 18k gold and a strong PVD coating to seal in the colour.


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