About Misgraceful

Launched in the Summer of 2014.  A first time Mum, with a new born, money was tight and my wardrobe was ill fitting, so I turned to accessories to update my outfits and remain 'on trend'.  Bored by the monotony and poor quality of the UK High Street, I used my knowledge and connections from my past life to create a collection of stylish, affordable, on-trend jewellery, made to be layered and stacked, mixed and matched to create your own unique style.


All items are either designed or handpicked by me.  Photographed, uploaded, picked and wrapped here in my kitchen in beautiful Shropshire. 

It really is a one woman band!

I take my inspiration from the vintage classics of yesteryear, the high street and the cat walk to create a range which is totally affordable, timeless and versatile. Designed to be worn everyday, season after season, year after year.

Jewellery is mostly stainless steel or sterling silver with 18k gold plate which makes it incredibly hard wearing, long lasting and hypoallergenic.  

Why 'MisGraceful'?


The name MisGraceful is a play on the word Disgraceful as when people first meet me, i tend to give the impression that i am demure, graceful and ladylike.....I am all of this things (when i need to be!) but i am also quite a bad influence, a bit naughty and will probably encourage you to drink too much, stay up too late and behave 'disgracefully'!!!

My jewellery is for all the Ladies with a naughty glint in their eye ;)